Our Team

We take pride in delivering turnkey piping solutions that meet the unique needs of the maritime industry. With our innovative engineering approach, we strive to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions for all your piping requirements.

Emil Engblom

CEO company
As the visionary leader of our company, the CEO shapes our strategic direction, fosters innovation, and ensures our goals are realized with precision and impact.
The Chief People Officer and Business Development expert spearhead our product vision and expansion strategies, driving growth and forging strategic partnerships.
The Chief Financial Officer provides financial stewardship, managing resources strategically to support our growth, sustainability, and financial well-being.

Cristian Avram

Project Manager
Our Project Manager ensures seamless execution of initiatives, translating vision into tangible results with meticulous planning and coordination.

Fredrik Lamberg

Production Manager
The Production Manager oversees the manufacturing process, ensuring efficient operations and consistent quality in our products.

Jonas Österlund

Procurement & Production Specialist
The specialist in procurement and production ensures the smooth flow of resources, optimizing supply chains and maintaining operational efficiency.

Alina Avram

P&D Engineer
Research and development are led by our Product and Development Engineers, who innovate and refine our offerings to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Minu Denny

Finance & Administrative Assistant
Integral to our team, this role provides crucial support for financial and administrative functions, contributing to streamlined operations and overall efficiency.

Diogo Moura

IT Solutions Specialist
Responsible for evaluating, designing, and implementing innovative IT solutions that drive efficiency and enhance our technological capabilities.