Fabrication Solutions

Improve your projects with our fabrication solutions. We offer carefully designed prefabricated pipes to simplify construction and make installations more efficient. Our equipment skids boost operational efficiency across different industries, and we provide robust steel structures that ensure lasting structural integrity for a variety of projects.

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At EE-Engineering , we specialize in advanced solutions in prefabricated pipes, equipment skids, and steel structures. With a relentless commitment to quality, innovation, and precision, we empower industries to elevate their projects to new heights.

Our Expertise

Prefabricated Pipes:
Seamlessly crafted, precision-engineered pipes tailored to your unique specifications. Streamlined assembly ensures quicker installation, reducing downtime and project costs. Quality materials and expert workmanship guarantee lasting

Equipment Skids:
Modular excellence that supports and houses critical industrial equipment. Custom-designed skids for precise integration and operational efficiency. Compact solutions that optimize space and
enhance project timelines.


Precision Pipe Fabrication

We provide high-quality pipe fabrication services tailored to the unique needs of maritime applications. Our precision fabrication ensures reliable and durable piping systems on board ships. Steel pipes (black, galvanized, coated), GRE pipes and Inox (stainless steel) pipes.

Custom Craftsmanship

Discover the art of seamless integration with our precision pipe fabrication, a testament to our expertise and dedication to achieving optimal system efficiency using materials like steel pipe (black, galvanized, coated), GRE, and Inox.

Explore how our prefabricated pipes enhance fluid flow dynamics, elevating the performance of your mechanical systems, whether they involve steel pipe (black, galvanized, coated), GRE, or Inox.

Unveil our commitment to customization as we craft prefabricated pipe solutions tailored to your project's unique requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness with materials like steel pipe (black, galvanized, coated), GRE, and Inox.