Turnkey Installations

Elevate your projects with our integrated installations solutions for BWTS, scrubbers and energy optimization, where innovation meets functionality. Tailored to your needs, our solutions optimize efficiency and performance.

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How Can We Help?

Empower your projects with our expert installation services in turnkey installations, including BWTS, SCRUBBERS and ENERGY OPTIMIZATION. 

Our Solutions & Benefits

Our solutions encompasses electrical and mechanical installations, where technical value harmonizes with system functionality. Embrace the potential of integrated systems for diverse applications.


Our expert team provides end-to-end solutions for the installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) on board vessels. We ensure compliance with international regulations and environmental standards, safeguarding marine ecosystems.

EE-Engineering excels in the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) that reduce emissions, enhance air quality, and ensure compliance with stringent emission regulations.